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Trading for Cash Flow
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Part 1 of Trinity of Wealth Strategy: Trading for Cash Flow.

How I got started…

When I was getting started back in 1995 I used trading to supplement my paid income from my job at the time.
Life wasn’t a lot of fun back then, lots of hours, lots of travel but for some reason I had only accumulated a small amount of money in the beginning, but I really wanted to get into investing.

Eventually I was able to quit my job and take complete financial control of my own life because of the virtues of trading.
Trading can be an affordable and incredibly powerful way to generate an income through the Stock Market. You can literally start with a couple of thousand dollars and get into the market and get started.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that with trading you can actually make money on shares that are falling in price.
So the stock market doesn’t only go up, it goes up down and sideways, in fact it spends a lot of its time obviously going sideways and down.

And when it goes down, the advantage of actually having a trading strategy for making money when the stock market falls because when it falls, it falls extremely quickly, so you can make a lot of profit in a very short time frame. It tends to rise again on the recovery, but it tends to rise over a long period.

Lots of money to be made in the stock market but having a strategy of making money and benefiting and profiting can be an incredible tool.

Can you imagine what it would be like to go out of bed when you feel like it? Turn on your computer knowing you can make more than enough money in just a few hours each week?

And I literally got started that way, when I was working full time, I was working 70 hours a week in an executive role and when I started trading and started getting a hang of it, I was able to trade and eventually match my income from my job.

Trading only 6-7 hours a week and as to working 70 hours a week and of course the choice was quite obvious which one I’d invest more time and energy into.

The income can be use to cover your expenses for the lifestyle you’ve only ever dreamed about and still have cash left over to fund your hobby of real estate and share investing?

Remember Trading is only one component of the Trinity of Wealth strategy, the other two are investing in shares and property.

Imagine getting excited in a Stock Market Crash?
Most people panic, the whole world can turn into disarray when we have those economic catastrophes.
Your friends and family would think you were nuts!

My Trading strategies will offer you the ability to think the opposite way to everyone around you and make an absolute fortune in the process.

Make money consistently. Regardless of what direction the market is headed or what economic climate you may be in. My training strategies give you the opportunity to make money in a falling market, in a sideways market.

The Economic Climate changes on a regular basis, so you need strategies to take advantage of that. You won’t have to worry about rising unemployment figures, interest rates, fuel prices or political factors again. As a professional trader, you almost kind of want things to be in the news, or some sort of disaster going on because it actually sets you up for more opportunities.

Replace your income without really having to work for it.
That’s the beauty about trading, I was able to go from a job of working 70 hours a week to 6- 10 hours a week and that gave me a lot more time to do things that I wanted to do. That was back in 2002, I started trading back in 1995 and by 2002 I had made the changes in my life to no longer go to work and I remember those days, what a fantastic time and liberating experience it was for me.

Imagine how it would feel to quit your ‘job’ and create your own income?
I remember the day when I booked an appointment with my then boss Greg and I said, “Greg you’re fired!” and he said, “What the hell are you talking about, I’m your manager?” to which I replied, “Greg, I don’t need you anymore, I don’t need my job anymore, I’m going in to invest full time.”

It was the most liberating day of my life and I don’t think I’ll ever forget it. What an amazing opportunity trading presents.

Pay for holidays without using a cent of your own money…

Wow! I have countless stories of these experiences. I remember one particular day, was a Tuesday morning, market had opened at 10 o’clock, I put on some trades the night before, by 11 a.m. that Tuesday morning I made $11,800 in profit overnight.

So, from 4 p.m. the market closed and in an overnight I made the best profit. That night’s overnight profit was equivalent to one of the best salaries I’ve ever made as a monthly salary. Actually I remember ringing them saying, “I’m not feeling well and I need a couple of days off” and I jumped in my couch and went down to the Great Ocean Road, I was living in Melbourne at that time.

And I spent the entire week down the Great Ocean Road just hanging out and all through the drive I kept pinching myself, as that was my first really big payoff from a trade.

The moment I realised I had to share trading with others…

I’ve had many others since then, but you never forget the first one, it was so exciting – life changing, do I tell someone or not to… I was actually not sure what I should do with that information. But eventually people started asking me how I was able to at the age of 31 retire from work and I started to share my story which leads me here today.

My friends and family were fascinated with how I was able to pull those strategies at such a young age but also I think what they were more encouraged by was the observations in my life in terms of the lifestyle changes and the toys and the holidays and the free time, lunches, whatever I wanted. Being able take my friends for dinner whenever I could because it was a actually such a privilege for me, when I could have a meal with someone in the middle of the day because everyone was at work.

Helped a few friends, few clients over the years. Back then in my 30’s it was very difficult to find someone of my age enjoying my kind of lifestyle.

Free up time to spend in other more important areas of your life.
This is very important it helps create a life balance which everyone strives. It creates unlimited profit potential. With trading the sky’s the limit, your imagination will determine how much money you can make – can be aggressive or conservative, as you like.

An area that people generally misinterpret is the risk factor associated with investing and now I’m not saying that trading is without risk.

However, by implying the trinity of wealth strategy when you’re using trading, share and property – that in its self covers your risk because you’re not relying on one element or one component only.

Using a combination of different strategies, they’re moving different market cycles so even though you’re trading performance in a particular market may not be as desirable as it is at another time, having the shares and the real estate in the other two pockets will keep you safe and that’s really important risk management.

The beauty of that, the Trinity of Wealth Strategy is how risk management is taken care of through the entire strategy. In fact it’s very hard to screw up in that way, I’ve never gone bankrupt – I’ve had losing trades, absolutely, on a regular basis but because I was not entirely exposed to just to that one strategy I also had it balanced out by the positive performance in other areas of my portfolio.

The best thing about my “Trinity of Wealth” approach is that you totally control your downside risk. So, even when you experience a losing trade your loss will be strictly limited.

This is a fantastic thing. We have macro risk management which is across the portfolio and micro risk management. So, within each strategy we set stop losses of course.

You’ve got these two layers of protection to keep you safe.

And preservation of capital comes first and then return on capital comes second. It’s a built-in function of the overall strategy.

Actually when you combine the controlled risk of my “Trinity of Wealth” formula. You will understand why our methods can be far safer and more conservative overall than the risky emotional way most people invest with other methods!

Looking forward to sharing more information with you and next we’ll be covering share investment strategy for growth following the methods of the great Warren Buffett – that’s done me extremely well and got me millions of dollars out of that one.

From me to your success!

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