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How does Julian and Wealth Wisdom work?

Part-Time Trader Apprenticeship

Learning how to trade takes time and consistent effort to become a successful trader. As one of Julian’s Apprentice Students, get the real life experience and support from a mentor every week and with practice in person.

Full-Time Trader Apprenticeship

Julian has spent more than 20 years trading and learnt from the top traders across the world. Get exclusive access to a trader that makes a living trading, not teaching trading. This is an “Invite-Only” program.

The Trinity of Wealth

Live your life by the Wealth Buckets. Julian’s belief is that real wealth is grown through investing in property. Once you start trading with Julian, he shares more about building “Wealth Wisdom”.

Hi, I’m Julian Dawson

Family man, author and a full time investor for 22 years now…
But once, I too was right in your shoes.

So take it from me… there is a better way to live your life.
In the beginning, not knowing what I was doing, I made some mistakes. But fortunately I figured out the right approach to investing, and since then have had a lot more successes.

In 2001, I attained financial freedom and was able to quit my job.
Since then I’ve lived on my terms and have the time to do anything I love to do.

In 2002 I founded Wealth Wisdom, an educational institute dedicated to helping people attain financial freedom.

In the past 17 years I’ve trained thousands of investors, from the absolute beginners to the highly sophisticated, on how to build long-lasting wealth through investing in property and shares.

Without a doubt, trading and property are great vehicles to build wealth.

I believe that true wealth is grown through managing the “Wealth Buckets”.

Trading allows you the cash flow, that you normally get from a day job, within only 6 to 10 hours a week, instead of the standard “40 hour work week”.

Then add property and capital growth, and you are able to grow your wealth in ways you’ve never dreamt, so you can do way more fun things in life like take more holidays and spend way more quality time with your family!

I’ve been asked for the last 17 years to share my system and strategy with everyday people across the world. I feel it’s my calling to help others learn what I know and now provide a formal apprenticeship where you can learn too!

Why Our Clients love working with us…

““…my only disappointments…were leaving the extremely supportive environment and not finding Julian years ago. I never thought in 22 days of trading I could turn $3500 into an incredible $21,000 but that was before I understood how to use a series of indicators to time my entry and exit points in the market””

- Matthew Kinman

– Labrador, QLD

“This February I conducted a trade investing $1080. Within 3 days the trade netted me $2100. What better return could one ask for? I just wish I had done something like that 10 years ago!””

- Dr. Alan Jones

– Coffs Harbour, NSW

““What a relief!!! You have no idea how my view on life has changed since I met you. I'm enjoying so many more things now because my mind is free, it’s not choked up with worrying thoughts of the future, money, and not being able to do the things I want””

- Wayne Hoskins

– Surfers Paradise, QLD

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Creative Director, Dhrubok

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CEO, Home Service

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David Ramon

Managing DIrector, Start One Ltd.

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