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Become a Part-Time Trader

How to use Options Trading to Create a Healthy Side Income in just 6-10 hours a week.

Dear Friend,

From my heart to yours, I’m honoured that you’ve opened your mind and heart to the financial freedom that you and I both know that you deserve.

Being a “Part-Time Trader” is literally freedom at your finger tips…

But I must warn you, this program is not for everyone. In fact, this is not a “Get Rich Quick” scheme. Nor is this program for people who are not willing to invest 10 hours a week into following my Proven System, Step by Step.

Have you ever wondered, what makes this kind of difference in people’s lives? Is it luck? No it isn’t …I can assure you of that. Is it intelligence? No – (in fact, I’ll show you why in just a second). Nor is it talent.

The difference lies in what each person knows, and what he or she chooses to do with that knowledge.

It is important for you to know that I became a successful investor and trader before I started teaching and have now been running this method for over 15 years. Working on an average of 6 hours per week and earning an average of $1000 -$2000 per day. Some days my profits are as high as $6000 – $7000.

And for the last three years, I actually stopped training to be with my family and just to focus on investing. I did not have a job. I retired from my business and have been living off of my trading and investments because I can…

I only share my knowledge because I feel it’s my calling to share what I know with you today.

And I’m at the point in my life where I’m 100% clear that I can help you, but you will only be as successful as the level of commitment you are willing to take to doing the work.

Let me give you some examples of my clients that have been doing the work:

“Last week turned into an $8,450 profit, and this week has realised $3,350 already and it’s only Wednesday. I have to say Jules that just watching the trades and being a part of it is extremely exciting.”

– Alan Manning – Tweed Heads, NSW

“I’ve been in the market for 6 months now and am making consistent profit while continuing to learn. Jule Corp are a very supportive and knowledgeable group of people. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking confidence and skill on entering the market and beyond.”

– Bob Pearse – Byron Bay, NSW

“Went from trading 4 trades a month in the US market to 40 trades within 1 month… and now a FULL TIME TRADER and continuing to learn from Julian. Almost 100% Profitable”

– Sheldon Purdy – Brisbane, QLD

Like these people, I firmly believe that by continuing to learn with me will, in fact, accelerate your learning by 5 to 10 years!

Imagine the time and money you’ll save…and make!

Think about it: what sort of impact could this powerful knowledge make to your life? It could literally turn you around on a dime if you had extra income coming your way every month, couldn’t it?

Taking you from worrying about your bills… to worrying about where will your next holiday be and which resort will you stay in!

I am going to reveal to you how within a VERY short time, you could be living the lifestyle you want—trading the Share Market—and potentially make an astonishing income by employing a proven… incredibly simple… set of principles.

Imagine…turning on your home computer and knowing exactly how you can instantly make potentially thousands of dollars in a matter of weeks!

Or imagine making a profit on the market—whether it’s rising or falling! (How would it feel to laugh with joy as the market crashes! Can you imagine that?)

You know, my question has always been—how can I put in a minimum amount of effort…and take out a maximum amount of profit?

Am I lazy? No!

But there are things in life that I prefer to devote my time to rather than working every day. So why not try and get the greatest amount of gain from the least amount of effort?

You could be part of an exclusive group of people and have the chance to immerse yourself in what is the most profitable… life-changing… freedom providing wealth education you have ever seen.

I’m going to show you a truly wonderful way to make a superb living, with a lot less stress or difficulty than you’ve ever experienced.

What’s more, it’s guaranteed to cost you nothing! In fact, no matter what— you’re going to walk away with a profit.

These are the same strategies that have created a lifestyle for me that only a few people EVER get to experience.

You don’t need lots of money to get started.

Could you enjoy a lifestyle that allows you all the time and money to do whatever you want – when you want

– like go on a holiday to your favourite place, stay at the best resort, not worry about the cost – only which cocktail you’ll have when you get there?

This is the Proven, Time-Tested Investment Strategies Used By Successful Investors Like Warren Buffett.

Did you know that Warren Buffett started investing with less than $1000 and now his worth over $30 Billion.

Do you have a thousand dollars?

Imagine standing over the shoulder of a highly successful investor, while he shares with you… how you can apply these strategies for your own personal fortune.

See and hear every detail, as he reveals how you could build a strong, long-term wealth strategy, starting with trading in any economic climate!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never invested in real estate before…

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never invested in shares before…

It doesn’t matter if you can’t tell the difference between a blue chip and a penny share…

When you join me at my Part-Time Trader FREE Event, I show you exactly how it’s done.

You’ll discover …

➣ How to make investing your hobby (but a hobby that could return you thousands of dollars… or even replace your current income… for only a few hours a week).
➣ How to create the lifestyle you want…and the wealth you desire.
➣ Why 96% of Australians are dead or dead broke by age 65. Are you willing to make sure this does not happen to you? Why wait till you’re 65 and ready to kick the bucket before you experience “the good life?” (You could have it now… I will show you how!)
➣ The key areas to focus on and develop in life in order to enjoy a successful and happy existence.
➣ Learn lightning fast ways to get extra cash flow happening in your life…right now!
➣ How you could possibly make extra income each month…starting next week!
➣ How to do the opposite of what most people do on the stock market – and make an absolute fortune.
➣ How to minimise the risk of investing in options (so that you can sleep easy at night — even if your options go down in value…you don’t have to worry!) The incredibly simple way to MAKE MONEY EVEN WHEN THE VALUE GOES DOWN!

Still not sure?

Why listen to me?

I am living proof that you can create a completely different financial future for you and your family. After 10+ years working in my day job, I wasn’t on my way to my dream life. I made the decision that my life was going to be different. This was no longer acceptable.

This journey, this path wasn’t going to give it to me. I needed to replace my salary and get time to live my life at the same time. On my terms. And this job was not doing it for me. There wasn’t any room for a family, relationship, or fun.

On the outside looking in, I appeared to have the “dream life”. I drove a nice car, travelled all the time for work, and earnt six figures. But, on the inside, I was really lonely and there wasn’t any room for anything but my job.

And I realise that today, if you are reading this, you may be where I was too. Maybe you can’t quit your job or your business. Maybe you can’t stop working. Maybe you have a family and they never see you. Maybe you are yearning for more freedom and fun.

And I was too… That’s when I made the decision to start trading.
And I haven’t looked back. I quit my job in 1998. And I am still trading (now 20+ years later). I am still using trading to generate consistent cash flow for my family. And the best part is I only work about 6 hours a week.

My approach is so easy to follow and simple to understand. It’s not whether you “can” do this, it’s about whether you are willing to follow my proven, Step by Step, trading system. I’m going to take you by the hand at my Part-Time Trader event and show you how you too can become a successful trader in just 10 hours a week.

So if you are serious, ready and willing to take action to improve the quality of your life and create more financial freedom, take action today and reserve your spot at my upcoming event. Simply click on the button below.

I look forward to meeting you soon.
To your success,