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Anyone with desire can achieve success, and in this Online Training Program I will prove it to you. I have done all the hard work in locating, trialling and selecting the best strategies for you. To do this on your own would take years, and I know first hand because that is how I had to learn.

Chances are, you’ve never heard the amazing secrets that I’m about to reveal to you. And if you have, then I guarantee that you’ve never heard them explained so simply that you can instantly apply them for your own profit! I am going to reveal to you how within a VERY short time, you could be living the lifestyle you want— trading the Share Market—and potentially make an astonishing income by employing a proven… incredibly simple… set of principles.

Imagine making a profit on the market—whether it’s rising or falling! (How would it feel to laugh with joy as the market crashes)?

My question has always been—”how can I put in a minimum amount of effort…and take out a maximum amount of profit”? Am I lazy? No! But there are things in life that I prefer to devote my time to rather than working every day. So why not try and get the greatest amount of gain from the least amount of effort!

I have devised some strategies that have created a lifestyle for me that only a few people EVER get to experience. Now you can be part of an exclusive group of people. I am going to show you a truly wonderful way to boost your income with less stress and difficulty.

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✓ Find out how to replace your income.
✓ How to think like a millionaire (because the funny thing is—when you change your thoughts, you change your results!).
✓ The incredible way to Make Money Even When Share Prices Go Down!
✓ Why 93% of People are either slaves to the bank or slaves to their jobs—and how to make sure this doesn’t become your life story.
✓ Why getting high returns does not have to mean taking high risks.
✓ How to minimise the risk of investing in shares (so that you can sleep at night, even if your shares go down in value… you don’t have to worry)!
✓ How to use money from the market to pay for holidays (pay for your skiing trips… overseas holidays… leisure activities!)
✓ Learn the silly things to avoid—that most people do when trading shares.
✓ How to do the opposite of what most people do on the stock market—and potentially make an absolute fortune.
✓ How to make investing your hobby (but a hobby that might earn you thousands of dollars… or perhaps replace your current income.
✓ See how you can buy shares… of some of the biggest companies in the stock market… for just a fraction of what they’re really worth! (You could control thousands of dollars worth of Blue Chip shares for only a few hundred dollars)!
✓ How to donate more money to your favourite charity (don’t worry you’ll be shown how to earn so much more, so donating more money will be a walk in the park).

What others said about this program...

“This was the clearest most down to earth, informative presentation on any subject in my 40 year corporate life, I have experienced. It is refreshing to come across such a person as Jules who has the enviable talent to give excitement and humour, coupled with a no-nonsense presentation. Jules is a person of rare unselfishness and has changed my nervous opinion of trading the market, to one of optimism!”

Peter Beard

—Uki, NSW

“I traded my first option contract the other day and received a 100% return on my investment in 2 days. Unreal! I’m going on another holiday!”

Ariel Tobey

—Coffs Harbour, NSW

“I’ve just closed my first trade since doing your course. I started small—spent $2,300 and made an extra $1400 in 5 days.”

Greg Crawford

—Coutts Crossing, NSW

“Last Friday I bought ZFX Puts and this morning sold them for a profit of $4,680. How cool is that. Thank you so much!”

Wayne Clanachan

—Murwillambah, NSW

“I have been over the moon with the results I’ve been having after attending your program. In a 24 hour period I made $19,729 clear profit”.


Jill Llewelyn-Smith
—Upper Orara, NSW

“Just a quick message to let you know, I traded WPL last week & exited the trade 60% up in 24 hours. It was nice to be profiting amongst all the stockmarket gloom & doom. I found the experience profound & confirm that your system really does work!”.

John Forsythe

—Currumbin Valley, QLD

“I just wanted to thank you for being the catalyst for major change in Dean & our lives. We were going nowhere financially before we met you. It was your influence and way of thinking that has helped change how we are doing things financially. We just signed contracts to buy our first home. This was an unachievable dream to us 2 years ago!”

Liz Winter & Dean Giddy

—Mullumbimby, NSW

About Frea & Jules

Frea & Jules are light hearted and truly passionate about making a positive impact on the world. Frea has lived in the Byron area all her life.

Jules grew up in South Africa in an environment of poverty and political turmoil. He knows what it’s like to experience struggle. After this upbringing Jules vowed never to let his own family experience financial struggle. They enjoy a quiet lifestyle with their children and make their living through their self-managed investments and take pride in teaching other people how to increase their income through investing.

Frea & Jules investment philosophy is different to most. They use high return stock options trading strategies to generate regular income, which is used to purchase good quality blue-chip shares, which they use as the deposit to purchase real estate.

They refer to this approach as their buckets of wealth and the secret to creating ultimate financial freedom involves a contribution from each area. It is this simple investment approach that has made them so successful… and this is exactly what they teach others.

They believe that by following these principals, anyone can achieve the same success. The best part is, they will show you how to do it for yourself, so you too can enjoy the quality of life you desire.

Their “Introduction to Shares & Options” FREE Online Training Program will provide you with great strategies to take advantage of current market conditions. Absorb the information in the comfort of your own home.

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